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Grab Your Red High Heels |
In addition to world-class sports in an eclectic city, Indianapolis is featuring affordable entertainment. And by affordable, I mean free. For example, Kellie Pickler will be performing today in Tourney Town at 5:30 p.m.
(4/2/11 | Read More)

Indy Theatre Roundup: Part Two |
Part two of my guide to theatre in and around Indianapolis.
(3/21/11 | Read More)

Indy Theatre Roundup |
My guide to the finest theatre in and around Indianapolis.
(3/12/11 | Read More)

Make Mondays a Drag |
Stop by Talbott Street Nightclub every Monday for the official viewing party of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Sponsored by the Logo Network and Absolut Vodka.
(3/5/11 | Read More)

How Do YOU Do? Annie Zoll Edition |
An interview with Annie Zoll: Infectious optimist, genuine conversationalist and marketing maven at Zesco.
(2/26/11 | Read More)

Why Mass Ave is Friendly |
Discover Massachusetts Avenue, home to delicious dining, bustling boutiques and thrilling theatre.
(2/19/11 | Read More)

How Twitter Makes Me Smarter |
Real-time news, professional networking and celebrity happenings: All reasons you should be using, the Twitter.
(2/17/11 | Read More)

Lesbians with Remote Control Babies |
My thoughts on Goldie, Max and Milk at the Phoenix Theatre.
(2/12/11 | Read More)

Weekend Wonderland |
A petite guide to gay weekend nightlife in Indianapolis.
(2/5/11 | Read More)

A Day of Peripherally Gay Fun |
After smokey barbeque, enjoy an afternoon of antiques at Midland, I’ll show you how!
(1/29/11 | Read More)

How Do YOU Do? Brian Lauterbach Edition |
Meet Brian Lauterbach: Principal at Mindframe, 80’s music aficionado and lover of Indianapolis.
(1/22/11 | Read More)

A LGBT Venue for Every Weekday Monday through Friday; my guide to LGBT activities in Indianapolis.
(1/17/11 | Read More)

Piano, Parenting and Personal Struggles Take Stage |
Thoughts from the front row of Norway at the Phoenix Theatre.
(1/9/11 | Read More)

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Indie Authors |
Unique Halloween costumes ideas inspired by two of the books BohlsenPR represents.
(10/27/10 | Read More)

Mini National Book Tour: West Coast Wednesday |
The Indie author book tour at BohlsenPR heads west, with several recommended reads.
(9/29/10 | Read More)

Captain Hook |
A co-blog about the importance of the hook when pitching to the media.
(9/10/10 | Read More)

I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say No |
A guide to managing and succeeding when you have a heavy workload.
(7/2/10 | Read More)

A Co-blog From the Producers |
The first week on the job, from a musical perspective.
(6/11/10 | Read More)